If you have any issues, please contact MooCat on Discord.

Quick Start Commands (GPU Algorithms):

ccminer -a <ALGORITHM> -o stratum+tcp://pool.easyx.cc:<PORT> -u <WALLET.WORKER> -p <ANYTHING>
sgminer -k <ALGORITHM> -o stratum+tcp://pool.easyx.cc:<PORT> -u <WALLET.WORKER> -p <ANYTHING>
t-rex -a <ALGORITHM> -o stratum+tcp://pool.easyx.cc:<PORT> -u <WALLET.WORKER> -p <ANYTHING>

Doesn't make sense? Head over to Getting Started for more help!

Coin Symbol Algo Ports N. Hash Rate Hash Rate Mature Pending Workers Difficulty Change In Fee Donations:
icon Placeholders PHL x16r 4008,4032,4256 0 H/s 0 H/s 0 6 0 0 1 blocks (appx. 0.02 hours) 0.3% FD2RVJBxwBvNLnN4EzHpHNTho2PQyDLeAt