If you have any issues, please contact MooCat on Discord.

Latest News:

2020/06/28 @ 2201 EST I have had to delist Taonacoin/TNA. The project went dead and the dev walked off. I still have 15 Million TNA myself. As a result I have delisted it to prevent miners from mining it. Should the dev come back I will re-list TNA. Sorry for the trouble :)

2020/06/28 @ 1417 EST Over the past week I have been noticing issues with Redis. As it turns out the Redis server was being infected by mining malware (lol) - if you experience similar issues your fix is here: https://github.com/docker-library/redis/issues/217#issuecomment-650791325. The server is once again running normally.

In addition, the recent server additions will be swapped out at the end of their paid month. The VPS host is unreliable and I cannot with good conscience keep the servers there. I will be replacing them with fewer but bigger nodes as servers.

Sorry for the inconveniences :)

2020/06/24 @ 1959 EST PHL & TNA mining are back online. I have added some load balanced webservers & backup stratum servers. While I am still configuring backend servers and updating the website to reflect that, you may start using them now!

The port numbers are the same, only change the stratum URL from pool.easyx.cc to the following servers:
  • cato0.easyx.cc (Toronto, Canada)
  • cato1.easyx.cc (Toronto, Canada)
  • cato2.easyx.cc (Toronto, Canada)
  • usny0.easyx.cc (New Jersey, New York)
  • usny1.easyx.cc (New Jersey, New York)
  • uswa0.easyx.cc (Seattle, Washington)
  • usla0.easyx.cc (Los Angeles, Los Angeles)
  • defra0.easyx.cc (Frakfurt, Germany)
  • hkhkc0.easyx.cc (Hong Kong City, Hong Kong)
From this point onward I will try to ensure I do not screw all the servers up at once.

Please be sure to set all servers as backups in the order you prefer the connections to ensure you dont lose shares when one of the stratums goes down.

Sorry for the inconveniences in implementing the new servers, hopefully this helps with stability and speed :)

2020/06/13 @ 2133 EST Unfortunately we must shut down PEXA mining while we update our pexad to the new version. Once the upgrade is completed, there are some minor tweaks to the pool code I have to make to get it to work again. Please bear with us as we make these changes. Sorry for the inconvenience!
2020/06/13 @ 0031 EST I've made more upgrades to the servers. I have installed load balancers between/on all the servers for the pool and explorers. The PEXA, PHL & TNA explorers are being reindexed due to corrupted database. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2020/06/11 @ 0700 EST I've made more upgrades to the configuration of the pool server. I was still having issues with Redis and so I split it off onto a computer at home with much more power than the pool server :) You should see a performance/stability increase.

I have updated all the nodes while working so they should hopefully not need maintenance for a while. Only side effect is I have lost all my previous block found history. Sorry for the inconvenience!
2020/06/07 @ 2036 EST I've had to remove IndexChain. I am not sure why but it was not finding blocks. We will have to wait for our new pool software to be ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2020/06/07 @ 2036 EST I've added IndexChain for mining. Sorry for the short blip in service. Enoy~!
2020/06/07 @ 2036 EST I've added GuardChain for mining. Sorry for the short blip in service. Enoy~!
2020/06/02 @ 1903 EST I seem to have found an issue with the explorers. They should be back online and hopefully working well once again. Please report any issues to leshacat@easyx.cc or MooCat on Discord Enoy~!
2020/06/01 @ 1519 EST The explorers are back online, and now with IPV6! Please report any issues to MooCat on Discord. Enoy :)
2020/05/30 @ 1654 EST The pool has been running great! There should be no un-planned shut downs. A reminder that scheduled maintenance will be performed on the 1st of each month @ 0000 EST. I've been working on the explorers to bring them back online again, and tried many configurations but I've finally settled on one which seems to be most ideal. They are indexing and will be back online shortly. Enoy :)
2020/05/25 @ 2217 EST The server went down by mistake earlier. I was working on the new setup and got stuck for a few hours. Everything should be back online now. All of the explorers are currently indexing, will be online in a day or two. Should be more stable now. Enoy :)
2020/05/23 @ 2221 EST I have made more upgrades to the pool server. The IP address has changed. Please be sure your using pool.easyx.cc as your stratum URL. Enjoy!
2020/05/23 @ 2221 EST I have been working on more upgrades to the pool server. The networking and IP addresses may change over the next 24-48 hrs. As a result PHL and TNA mining has been temporarily disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience!
2020/04/30 @ 0406 EST I have reconfigured the pool server. Part of the upgrades have moved the wallets off to another server. This should help with performance until we implement the PEXA pool software (I have alpha testing access) and should also help with the future migration. The beta pool will be found at https://betapool.easyx.cc/. If you see this pool active don't be afraid to mine it!

We hope you will benefit from and appreciate the changes we've made!
2019/12/19 @ 1656 EST I've lowered fees to 0.30% permanently. That's the only news. Enjoy!
2019/11/20 @ 2314 EST I've made a random bonus payment. Sorry I've been slacking off recently. I will put off work on the "pending balances" feature until the new year. Even though not much progress will be made, I am monitoring this server 24/7 to keep it online.

Happy holidays, see you in the new year!
2019/10/18 @ 1146 EST It turns out the BitCash test I ran failed. Thanks and sorry to the one miner who joined, I had to close it as we found no blocks in over 8 hours. I will not be fixing BitCash.
2019/10/16 @ 1131 EST We will be reconfiguring our SSL configuration over the next 8-12 hours. Only the website frontend(s) will be affected. Upgrades will be completed by 2019/10/17 @ 0000.
2019/10/02 @ 1754 EST Our domain has changed to https://pool.easyx.cc/ - Our old domain was a cheap free domain which expired, so I had to make an executive decision to order a new domain for the pool + community. EasyXPool is now located at https://pool.easyx.cc/

Some maintenance is required and will be performed 2019/10/03 @ 0000.
2019/09/17 @ 1728 EST We have switched pexa to x16rv2. You will need to update your T-Rex miner to v0.14.2 beta or later. Please see #download-links in TRex Discord: https://discord.gg/gj7jcYf
2019/09/15 @ 0041 EST I have updated the pexa core software and prepared NOMP for the x16rv2 fork. I will be making a bonus payment to miners who join/return within the next 12-24 hours. You can see the payment here.
2019/09/08 @ 2150 EST I have updated the explorers. This version seems to have the latest code, and I like the look so we will keep it. I only need to add the tracking and support codes. They are otherwise functional.

If you have any issues with any of the explorers, send me a message on discord.
2019/09/04 @ 1514 EST You may have noticed I have not recently made a bonus payment. I usually like to make the payments when things fail, however things have been very stable for a few weeks. Considering I have not made a bonus payment in a while, I decided to make a random bonus payment which you can view here
2019/08/30 @ 1115 EST It turns out the balances are not displaying correctly for all miners. While some miners show a balance (usually those below 1 PEXA only) others are not. If you still see 0 under balance or immature, do not worry, payments are not based off this number and you will still be paid. I am looking into the issue with the new features as we speak on the development server. A fix will be released by the end of next month. Thank you :)
2019/08/30 @ 0041 EST The monthly server upgrade & maintenance has been completed. Provided the new code runs bug free you should be able to see your immature/balance stats within next few hours. If not will look into it tomorrow. Just keep in mind, these stats are not taking the fees into the equation yet, so you will get less than what it shows as balance. Minor updates will be applied on a weekly basis on Saturday's @ 0000 EST as long as there is code to update... Enjoy!
2019/08/27 @ 0112 EST This is a reminder of the upcoming server maintenance & fee increase to 1% on 2019/08/30 @ 0000. The maintenance includes an upgrade of EasyNOMP to bring over new features fresh from the development server, such as displaying immature and balances not yet paid. You can view this feature here
2019/08/25 @ 1956 EST It turns out the payment explorer is putting the wrong block number beside payments. I am looking for a fix for this, but the easiest way is to click on the transaction ID instead of the block number.
2019/08/24 @ 2131 EST The invalid shares meter is sometimes buggy. I am looking for a fix for this, but until I can fix it for good please use the "efficiency" column on the all workers page.
2019/08/23 @ 0156 EST You may have noticed the invalid shares guage works. I have also modified the source to show two decimal digits. I will be putting maintenance tasks off until 2019/08/30 when we increase fees to 1% and do monthly maintenance.
2019/08/16 @ 1512 EST Unfortunately last night I pushed a small update which brought the pool down. Thanks to a nudge in the right direction from @Xovenia (main Pexa pool) I have recovered the pool. I wish I stuck to it last night but I was tired as hell. I will send bonus payment to miners who return by 2019/08/17 @ 0000 (view it here)

Please note that the pool software EasyNOMP is being developed, and this is why we have issues now and then. I must admit, the pool was running phenominally and I just had an itch to update small pieces of code which shouldn't have brought it down. I was wrong, so from now on all updates big AND small will be done in batches, and only weekly on Saturdays @ 0000.
2019/08/15 @ 2046 EST You may have noticed the statistics were reset. This was unintentional, and I am investigating the issue. I will be making another bonus payment to miners who stuck it through. You can view the bonus payment here.
2019/08/15 @ 0155 EST The batch upgrade has been completed and the 0.25% fees are enabled. I would like to remind everyone that our fees will be raised again to 1% on 2019/08/30 @ 0000 EST. We have made a bonus payment to all miners, you can see the transaction here.
2019/08/11 @ 2005 EST I have programmed ip address anonymization into the logging system. The feature has been pushed to the EasyNOMP Repository and the update procedure is described in ticket #49 Please update your EasyNOMP installations.

pool.easyx.cc will be applying a batch upgrade to the main server on 2019/08/15 @ 0000 to include these features as well as apply the new 0.25% fees.
2019/08/11 @ 0341 EST We have made a random bonus payment. Thank you for sticking around :) You may view the transaction here.
2019/08/10 @ 1504 EST You may have noticed I've installed live support and analytics tracking. We have done this to speed up support requests and get you live help without having to join Discord. The analytics data will help me track what parts of the world miners come from. We value privacy, and so we have configured the tracking software and EasyNOMP to anonymize IP addresses to the format 142.188.xxx.xxx - I am pushing a security update to the EasyNOMP Repository shortly which will add this functionality.

If you do not like trackers or live support, try using the Brave Browser
. It blocks even YouTube ads... It is the highest quality multi-platform ad blocker browser I have ever seen!
2019/08/09 @ 2019 EST I have added a new API feature to list pool fees. The code has been pushed to the EasyNOMP Repository, and implemented on EasyXPool. We are going to have a planned restart on 2019/08/09 @ 1159 EST. This is expected to be a split second restart with minimal issues as code has been tested on development server. For now, you may view how this feature works on the development server.
2019/08/08 @ 0613 EST I have paid out the previous round based on hashrate. Time to claim missing payments is ended. You may view the transaction here

Unfortunately I had to flush all redis data. Please PM me on Discord if you are missing payments. I will make notes of who was mining at the time.
2019/08/08 @ 2354 EST We've just had a few restarts and stats resets. I believe I have fixed the recent issue where simply resetting the server had reset statistics. We should be online and good from this point onwards. The previous bonus payment window has been extended by 1 hour for those miners who return. Thank you for your patience!

Update: We have made our bonus payment to the miners who stuck around, check it out: here.
2019/08/08 @ 2039 EST We are back online, after unexpected downtime due to reconfiguration of upstream NGINX server. We are now online with port numbers removed on the explorer, and also now a development server. We will combine the bonus for previous downtime with this one, and give a bonus to those who return to the pool within 1 hour! We are sorry for the inconvenience as we improve our services for your benefit!
2019/08/08 @ 0329 EST We are working on upstream NGINX configuration. This should affect the front-end website only. Stratum should stay online. Blocks & payments should still flow, but the website may come and go. This will add stability to the server :)
2019/08/08 @ 0145 EST PEXA & PHL will have a fee increase to 1% on 2019/08/30. This will be done following the fee increase to 0.25% on 2019/08/15. We have improved our services drastically over the past weeks, and now need the funds to support the pool. All coins will be at 1% fee by 2019/08/30.
2019/08/08 @ 0144 EST We had an unexpected downage due to upstream connection maintenance. Upon bringing the connection online, there were some problems that caused it to down again for an extended period of time. The connection has been repaired. All miners who return within 10 minutes will receive a special bonus payment!
2019/08/08 @ 0012 EST PHL & TRAGO are back online! System was upgraded. Sorry for the minor inconvenience!
2019/08/07 @ 2252 EST PHL & TRAGO are going down for system upgrades 2019/08/08 @ 0000. PEXA will NOT be affected!

Update:PHL & TRAGO went down early unexpectedly, sorry for the inconvenience!
2019/08/07 @ 1300 EST I was made aware of a bug on the Payments page causing it to work for me but nobody else. I found and resolved the issue within 5 minutes, and paid the finder a 30 PEXA bounty here. I am working on a bounty program to bring out in the future. Much thanks to the user who found the issue!
2019/08/07 @ 0215 EST I have noticed that some public networks are blocking certain port-ranges, making the explorers inaccessible. To get around this, please use Brave Browser and private window + Tor or simply use a VPN.
2019/08/07 @ 0214 EST Just a friendly reminder that 0.25% fees will be added to PEXA & PHL on 2019/08/15.
2019/08/07 @ 0000 EST The bonus payment for the vardiff and stats problems has been sent! Check it out: here
2019/08/06 @ 1200 EST We have finally fixed the vardiff issue & statistics issue that required the statistics to be reset all the time! We will make a bonus payment to those who stuck around or came back shortly after the fix.
Thank you & we apologize for inconvenience!